My thoughts on the new Apple OS

Yesterday 16 October 2014 an apple key-note took place in where Tim Cook and his team presented the new bunch of products and systems that has been or will be released soon to customers. There is no question in my mind that what apple are doing in terms of exterior design of their products is simply amazing. But what the hell are they doing and where the hell are they going with it on the inside.

While I disagree with many things that apple do – closed eco-system possibly one of the most annoying, but clearly successful things that the company managed to achieve – their design, stability and reliability of their software is amazing. That said, you have to be careful that you don’t over-upgrade your iPhones iPads and Mac’s because there becomes a point where Apple deliberately do not optimise the software for older hardware to encourage you to upgrade to their latest models.

Recently my old beloved Asus laptop just gave up. it was on battery number 333 and that no longer worked either. While a clean install of Windows 7 temporarily fixed many stability and speeeed issues, it was soon apparent that when you install an app or two, within a month you are back to where you left off before, it was time to make a fresh install again.

Frustrated with the instability and the “I’m getting old now, retire me” feel of my laptop I went in search of an upgrade. I had just finished almost three months of hard work and I had some money put aside as savings so I went and accidentally ended up with the most “premium” laptop on the market, a Macbook Air 11″.

OSX mavericks is a brilliant piece of software. Everything runs so fast like you would expect from a macbook and it has this magical feel of premium market. It’s what the latest update (OSX 10.10 Yosemite) is lacking. I don’t know, why apple is completed such a massive overhaul of all their software. Right from iOS 7 through to now OSX, the software simply looks cheap. The software update to me is like buying – yes, I know the update is free, but bear with me on the analogy – a 5 star Marriot hotel stay and when you get there, you find that on the inside is actually a Lego Land park.

I have allowed a few updates to happen on my mac, iTunes was updated and I can see that it has the updated look. I agree, it looks nice, but I don’t think I’m prepared just yet to get rid of mavericks and completely transform my mac. I would totally agree if the changes where subtle like those that we can see in the updated version of iTunes, and if such changes were added here and there that I would have no problem, but to turn my mac into a kid’s playground? I’m not so sure. I don’t think I will be upgrading for a while or at least I will wait until there are more user reviews on the software.

How Updates murdered my iPhone 3GS

iPhoneMy adventure into the world of iOS and the “apple mania” began just over two years ago when I got my first iPhone. Deciding to take the iPhone 3GS instead of a 4 was back then a good decision, but holy shit what I would do to get a 4 now.

I could go on about how wonderful Apple is and how we should be grateful to Steve for inventing this wonderful firm – as a result of which a vast number of people went mad and crazy. That’s the initial Apple employees I’m talking about of course.

And yes it is wonderful, but that magic has somewhat disappeared since the death of Steve Jobs. It seems to me that the company has lost a little direction and their products have suffered as a result. Look at the iPhone 3GS for example. It is the 4th in line for updates, which not so long ago meant that it would not be eligible for software updates and yet this happens….

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Flying: how it happend that I love it and why one should not be afraid of it.


To this day I remember my first ever  flight and how I felt about it. In short, I was shitting myself or if you looking for more political correctness, I was full of anxiety. I was very young and taking to the sky in such a big “beast” was physically and more importantly mentally, impossible.

Nevertheless, I persisted that everything was going to be fine though and as you would expect, it was. When we landed in Ankara airport, the first thing I remember is the heat wave that hit us, thermal shock and the sunshine :), which was a nice change to the rainy summer in Poland. Anyway, that’s not the main point of my story.

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Mikolaj Beresniewicz:

This zukeberg guy really wants to know everything about us and will never let us go will he? On the plus side… if I have the essentials built in to my browser…. maybe I will stop waisting my time on that stupid website myself? …. I hope so!

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Mozilla just launched the latest stable version of Firefox. This release introduces Firefox’s new Social API with a preview of the first social integration with Facebook Messenger for Firefox. This was previously only available in the Firefox beta channel. The Social API allows social services like Facebook, Twitter, blog networks or even news sites to easily add persistent social sidebars, toolbar notifications and chats to the browser, no matter which site a user is currently looking at.

As Mozilla’s VP of Firefox Engineering Jonathan Nightingale stressed when I talked to him and Firefox Engineering manager Gavin Sharp about this release earlier this month, it’s important to note that even though this first release includes the Facebook Messenger integration, the Social API as a whole is open for all and there is nothing Facebook-specific about it.

Other services that could benefit from these persistent sidebars are email, groupware services…

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Gnome-shell tweaks = struggle but there are some plus sides too…

If you remember I recently wrote about LuninuxOS and that I was hoping to re-create some of the looks and functions within ubuntu itself. To a large extent, there has been a success but there are some areas that I’m struggling with and I wonder if some of you might be able to help me.

  1.  I’m running “adwaita” as my window theme, but I want to change the close buttons so that they look like Macintosh ones. I remember changing this a long long time ago, but I think that was when I was “making ubuntu look like OSX” – which turned out to be a complete disaster. Nevertheless there are some features that I would like to have within my current theme and one of them is those close minimise and maximise buttons to look like the ones in macs. Please Help Me!

    P.S. I downloaded Cupertino theme and the files are located inside the zip folder (inc. button icons) but I just want to use those with my current theme or something like that and I don’t know what to replace etc.)

  2. Despite installing a gnome-shell theme (elegance) and being able to see it in the “tweak-tool”, when I select it, absolutely nothing changes. The story is the same for any other theme that I install for Gnome-Shell. I followed a tutorial on installing themes for gnome-shell but I’ve not been able to get the result that was shown in the video – at least not for gnome-shell itself. Please help me, tell me where I’m going wrong :(.

These are my current major struggles with ubuntu-shell tweaks and stuff, but otherwise everything is running fairly flawlessly. I have a beautiful icon theme for both shell itself and docky. I just really wish to fix those two problems – Unable to change themes despite installing everything as various tutorials have suggested and not yet been able to change the buttons.

Help out guys, please!






Day 2 of LuninuxOS

First impressions of LuninuxOS is that it’s very fast. In many ways it’s faster than Ubuntu and it integrates a beautiful gnome-shell theme, icons and docky is built-in. All round a great build so well done.

At the same time, I have to say that I have encountered a few major issues. One of the first things that pop’s up is “Distribution Update and software update” window. At this point I have to stress, that I’ve already re-installed the OS about 3 times in the last 24 hours. One of the errors I made was going ahead with the upgrade, which in actual fact fucks up the entire interface. I therefore wonder if my OS is as secure as it could possibly be?


I also recognise that on the 10th of December, there will be an update to the OS released. This means, that all my settings, configurations etc. will be gone :( and I will have to start all over again. A bit of wasted effort for this experiment, don’t you think?

I do however have to say that the OS seems very solid and more importantly, very fast -something that often cannot be said about stock Ubuntu, which even after modifications seems a little sluggish. Another plus side is that this flavor offers the exact look and feel as I would have built within Ubuntu so having it already pre-crafted is definitely a big plus.

It’s just my simple configuration error that keeps bugging me. everything I may have setup to have my way will be gone in 4 days time when the upgrade comes…

In the near future (starting from NOW) I will try to re-create everything I see in this flavour on the ubuntu platform so I benefit from all the upgrades, updates and the rest of it….

I thought I’ve seen it all…. but then!

This is as hot as it can get! Latest news, fresh out of the bakery ;)

I went to do a quick shop in Tesco! I left the house with just my keys, credit card and a coat. First thing that hit me was the sheer cold. I quickly steped-up the pace and literally legged it to Tesco. As I was walking through this alley that links my house to ‘the rest of the word’ I saw a girl who was wearing very little on the bottom half of her body. I mean shorts – obviously – but shorts that quite literally couldn’t get any shorter.

And before you start judging me, my first thought was more along the way of ” Fuck aren’t you cold in that”. I have to point out that my hands were literally frozen within the first 30 seconds of leaving my house, yet the thermometers in the area say 3 degrees Celcius, which in actual fact feels something around -5.

I don’t know? Are British girls born immune to cold? Do they get thrown into a freezer after birth for a couple of hours to adopt to the climate perhaps? Or are they just so bonkers that they just go for it and hope for the best?…. I mean, I only went to Tesco and back (literally  2 minutes walk) and I’m still freezing.